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The WW Stampede Steel “S” curve alley is user friendly and incorporating workability in the adjustments. All “S” alleys are adjusted at the front of the working system in a parallel fashion. Both sides move in with equal pressure, allows the system to operate smoothly for many years to come. Check out our hydraulic options. All solid sided alleys are equipped with a catwalk. Ask us about the back up stop options.

The Single “S” Alley is available in 20 or 30 foot lengths, open or full sheeted, with right or left hand controls, which are located at the front of the working system. The alley has four setting, ranging from 16 to 31 inches in width, which move parallel to each other and apply equal pressure from both sides. Available options include: Back Up Stops, Catwalks, Open Sided or Solid Sided, Double Open Gates and Hydraulic Adjustments. WW Stampede Single “S” Alley is designed for safety and efficiency, making processing cattle enjoyable!

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